Wood-X METAl roofing Screws

We offer a full line of innovative wood fasteners for post frame and residential applications. The T17 WOOD-X™ is designed for all types of decking substrate materials including hard woods. The engineered T17 WOOD-X™ high-low threads along with the sharp cut point allows the fastener to quickly penetrate the metal panel for easier fastener installation!

T17 WOOD-X™ flute located under the head of the fastener is engineered and reinforced for high torque environments. With quality a major focus for the T17 WOOD-X™ can be used with all battery operated screw guns including Impact Screw Guns! The T17 WOOD-X™ is the fastener of choice by contractors for post frame and residential applications!


The SC110VENT™ offers installers and contractors an affordable premium venting system with one of the lowest in place cost! The patented design of the SC110VENT™ open cell structure prevents water, dirt, and snow from penetrating the building structure at the ridge cap.

SC110VENT™ promotes positive air ventilation throughout the building envelope which starts at the ridge cap! The special formulated UV coating allows the SC110VENT™ to resist high temperature environments and prevents the open cell structure from collapsing! The SC110VENT™ is your complete ridge venting solution!

Description: 1-1/4″ x 10′ | 1-1/2″ x 10′
Size: Panel Profiles from 1/2″ to 1 1/2″
Innovation: Patented UV Coating – Antimicrobial | 2 Adhesive Strips
Material: Open Cell; Promotes Free Air Flow


The essential way to flash and seal pipe penetrations through most roof sheet profiles.

The dektite is tough with a watertight epdm or silicone seal with the strong flexible base makes a simple job of flashing any pipe on a metal roof.

These are suitable for soil pipes, cold pipes and hot pipes.