Peel, stick and done! FloVent® is a simple solution and is easy to install on 
varying roof profiles. Protect your building and prolong the life of your roof. 
The foam construction prevents weather element damage.

  • 2″ width x 10′ long
  • 1-3/4” For 1” – 1-1/4” rib heights
  • Scrim Tape Adhesive – Contractor Friendly – Fire Retardant and UV Stable
  • Open Cell; Promotes Free Air Flow

DEKS Pipe Flashing

Roof Boots that give long lasting performance from a proven leader in the industry. DEKS roof boots are easy to install and provide a cone design that conforms easily to a range of roof pitches. Clearly marked cutting groves make it easy to size correctly.

• Roof Adaptability

• Base Flexibility

• Sleeve Flexibility

• Weather Protected 

• 20 year DEKS warranty

• Contractor Friendly 

• Superior high and low temperature resistance 


#10 Fast Grip Fasteners

 Hi-Lo screws are some of the best in the industry. They are sharper, drill better, and the cut point is true. The paint stays on when installing and builders prefer “true” sizing and Hi-Lo threading for better holding power and easy installation. 

  • #10 Hi-Lo Screw, 1″ or 1.5″ in stock 
  • Mechanical galvanized
  • Hi-Lo threads
  • Galvanized EPDM washer 1/2″ OD 
  • Fastens metal to wood
  • Color matched
  • Used upon request only

#14 Fast Grip Fastener

Ensure superior holding power for OSB and plywood construction with the mechanical galvanized #14 roofing screw. Great pull out resistance is this fastener’s strength. Tight sealing EPDM washer and type 17 point. Levi’s can quick ship so your next project remains on time.

  • Mechanical Galvanized
  • #14 Fast Grip, 1″ or 1.5″ in stock
  • Galvanized EPDM washer 14MM OD
  • Fastens metal to wood
  • Use for OSB and other plywoods. Great pull out resistance
  • Color matched
  • Default fastener for Tuff Rib Panel

Pancake HEad Low Profile Fastener

This ultra-thin pancake head fastener is designed to fasten flush and lay flat without dimpling or showing through the panel. Available in two sizes with a SP drill point and #2 square, low profile head style. 

  • Designed to fasten flush and lay flat without dimpling or showing through the panel 
  • Ultra-thin pancake head 
  • Fastens Metal to Wood 
  • Default fastener for Standing Seam Panels and Wall Panels